Heart Soul

Souls and Microcosmic Energy Centres


According to the Vedas, the Human Being has one main Soul that resides above the head at the height of 12 inches.


Human Being with Souls

Along with this Soul, the Human Being has some other microcosmic energy centers which are as follows:

  • Jeevaatma (Incarnated Soul, situated at the brow region)
  • Hrudayatma (Heart Soul, situated at the heart region)
  • Yogatma (Navel Soul, situated at the naval region)

as well as two Souls at the hip joints, two Souls at the knee joints and two Souls at the soles of the feet.


Yogatma is related to the Physical Body, Hrudayatma is related to Mind and Jeevaatma is related to Soul. All these Souls are in microcosmic level and each Soul has its own unique properties.


Heart Soul Energy and it’s Properties

Centre for Unconditional Love


Yoga Practitioner doing Heart Soul MeditationThe Heart Soul is located two inches below the throat-pit and is considered a centre for higher feelings like unconditional love. The energy emitted by the Heart Soul has a self conscious and can clear negatives from the physical as well as energy, astral and mental bodies. It also minimizes the intensity of negative memories in the causal body.


By awakening this Heart Soul Energy, we can reach a state which is beyond the mind and one can attain bliss easily. Just like physical pollution, thought pollution also affects the state of mind and body of all beings. By practicing this Heart Soul Meditation, the practitioner can reduce the thought pollution when passing his Heart Soul Energy into the Universal Conscious.


Speciality of the Heart Soul Meditation

For Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development


This meditation needs no previous Yoga or Meditation experience and anyone above 15 years of age can do it. By practicing Heart Soul Meditation, the Heart Soul Energy passes and cleanses the subtle bodies. It can develop the practitioner in three levels: physically, mentally and spiritually.


Normally most meditations are related to cosmic level like Pranamaya Kosa (Energy body) or Manomaya Kosa (Astral body). So their effect is in those levels only. But in the Heart Soul Meditation we are using microcosmic energy to clear the physical and subtle bodies.


In Heart Soul Meditation, the practitioner develops Bramhamaya Kosa, when his Soul energy spreads into different levels of existence such as living, non living, mobile and sedentary forms without any discrimination. So this Heart Soul Energy also acts like a linking bridge between different levels of existence.


Further to the Brahmamayakosa and the subtle bodies mentioned in the Complete Human Being, we have some other bodies like Nirvanamaya Kosa, Mahanirvanamaya Kosa and the Aatmika Kosa – the Aatmic body. The Aatmic body is more powerful than the other subtle bodies and the Yoga practises which are related to the Aatmic body can only be found in the Mahāsiddha tradition, not in other traditions.


This Heart Soul Meditation is the starting stage of the practises related to Mahāsiddha tradition.